Current Youth Ministry is a fully student-led ministry devoted to teaching young people the power of leadership and the art of maturity. Our mission statement is “To teach young people to pursue God unapologetically and to create a space to command God’s presence and authority in our lives.” In other words, as a ministry, we are not interested in conducting a service young people simply observe while sitting in the audience. Instead, we create platforms and pulpits for our children to take hold of and use.


Our ministry is run and maintained exclusively by students. We have obtained a powerfully anointed student-led worship team, student sound booth technician team, student speakers and pastors, student event coordinators, and an awesome student greeting staff. Each of our members has a leadership position and purpose that is vital to our ministry. This gives us the opportunity to teach life skills and professionalism to our students. Our youth ministry is simply raising adults, not teenagers.


Aside from offering early onset adulthood, we also offer awesome fellowship, great music and games, events and parties, and most importantly, AMAZING FOOD! From taco bars to macaroni nights, every night is detailed with a tasty entree. Our Wednesday services begin at 7:00 pm and end around 8:15 pm. We also meet as a youth group and attend Sunday morning worship and service in the sanctuary from 10:30 am to 12:15 pm. We would be honored to worship and fellowship with you!