Praise Reports!

My seventeen year old friend lost her eyesight and collapsed at school. She was put into intensive care, diagnosed with a stroke and was paralyzed on her left side.  The next day (after praying for her), she is no longer paralyzed and has been moved into a normal room
-Kaeli P.

Our baby has been miraculously healed of brain damage!
-Hanna B.

My parents and my brother had not spoken in many years (decades). I have been standing in faith for years that their relationship would be restored. Last week, I was able to have a phone call with all of them together that went very well. The restoration has begun!
-Steven H.

After receiving prayer from Barry Perez, my husband’s eyes have improved tremendously!
They have improved so much that he can now drive at night!
        -Mary S.

My son in-law (Johnny's) CT scan showed immense improvement to the point they released
him to go home without having another surgery,  with a follow up with a gastro doctor. 
Praise God!! 
(Prayer request from last week: Johnny was just
rushed into emergency surgery. He has diverticulitis. An infected pouch,
(diverticulum) has ruptured into the abdominal cavity.)
											- Linda M.
My Granddaughter, Livy, was diagnosed with cancer. One year after Livy's cancer
diagnosis, we are celebrating six months of no evidence of cancer." Hallelujah!!! 
								- Jeanie H.

I wanted to give you an update on my son Chris. I asked for prayer for him because he had several nodules in his lungs and esophagus which the Drs. thought was cancer. Pastor prayed with me for him and declared them to be unrighteous and not from God therefore they had to leave his body. He had a pet scan 4 days later and most of them had gone. The Dr. wanted to biopsy the ones which were still there. By the time they did the biopsy there were only 2 left (and there had been over 100). The biopsy showed it was not cancer but a non life threatening condition called sarcoidosis, which is easily treated. We are so thankful for the goodness of the Lord and for your prayers. 
				-Jeanie B.